Kirra + Grady: Wedding of Joy


Who could imagine meeting their future husband or wife at a swimming carnival at the age of 12? For Kirra and Grady, fate seemed to have it this way. “My husband and I met in a swimming race when we were twelve years old. We still have a photograph of that day on our mantelpiece with him winning gold and myself in second place.” (A good story for the grandkids, that one!)

And ten years later, it happened. “After a day of paddle boarding, snorkeling and coconut drinking we swam out to a rock pool and he proposed in the water and pulled the ring out of his shorts.”

From there, we have a beautiful insight to the wedding-bell day itself, thanks to Erin and Tara Photography. A moment in time, with lots of love and oozing with pink florals; in taffy, rose and fuchsia.

“Our wedding day represented us in a way I cannot express. We had a private residence situated in between the back and front beach with 150 of our closest family and friends. I had the dress of my dreams made by One Day Bridal and we said our vows under a 200 year old tree where you could hear the waves breaking. It was a night of eating, laughing and dancing under the stars.”


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