Kim + Kevin: A Wedding In The Woods


“There was no one single moment that made me realise Kevin was the one. Our love and relationship grew so organically and one day I realised that he had been the one for the longest time.”

Having both grown up amidst the raw natural beauty of British Columbia, soulmates Kim and Kevin both have an affinity for nature: “We feel at home in the mountains and trees.” Their woodsy, earthy bohemian wedding was a perfect reflection of this. The pair exchanged vows and rings under the sprawling green canopy of the woods, in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Kim’s father.

A slight mishap on the way to the reception proved to be something of a blessing for the bride and groom. “One of our buses, full of our wedding guests, got lost on its way to the reception. So Kevin and I arrived to an almost empty building—but it was perfect! We were able to sit together, alone, in the sun and revel in the incredible day we had had already. And when our guests finally did arrive, they all had smiles on their faces and stories about what happened on their little bus adventure.”

Scroll down to see Kim and Kevin’s perfect day captured by Terra Lange Photography.




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