Kenna + Chewy: No ordinary day at the pub


With a wedding as stunning as Kenna & Chewy’s, I’d say a number of brides to be are going to be ducking down to the nearest pub if it means looking as laid back yet stunning as this. All they will need is a Carla Zampatti gown and some smart snaps from Glass Slipper Photography to pull it off! Read on to learn more about this adorable couple.

Tell us about the proposal.
The proposal was in Japan, while we were snowboarding. That is one of the things we love doing together, and it was such a nice way to start off our snowboarding holiday! It’s also a good excuse to go to Japan for our anniversary!

What was the most unique or amazing thing about your wedding (or engagement)? (other than how awesome the bride and groom are)
Our wedding dance! We had a choreographed dance that we had only practised two or three times before the big day – there were lots of mistakes but no-one seemed to notice. It was a lot of fun!

What is special about your relationship? or how you met? 

We met at Mount Buller; however we were friends for many years before actually getting together.

Any advice for future couples getting married?

When everyone tells you the day disappears– well it does. Cherish every moment, and don’t stress about the little things – they don’t matter in the end.


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