Kellie + Stephen


A little bit of rain led to the most memorable moment for Kellie and Stephen and to what turned out to be the most magical part of their day. Last minute ruptures from mother nature made for a spur of the moment pre-ceremony wedding shoot and the ever lasting memory of Stephen having an intimate blind date with his soon to be wife. “We met the boys at the state library. There is a stairwell from the car park and I was standing at the bottom.  The girls led Steve down the stairs (eyes covered) and stood him in front of me. When he opened his eyes it was just us standing there. It was a really private and beautiful moment. Seeing each other, on our wedding day, for the first time, and experiencing it together. I was so glad in that moment for the rain!” Beautiful food, great company and perfect love followed as they danced the night away with the ones who mattered most, creating the perfect party to celebrate their endless love. Jesse Dains Photography captures the exquisite day of Kellie and Stephen below.


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