Keely + Tim



We had a public holiday long weekend, so Tim told me he would organise a local getaway. We love travelling to the beach so this was not an uncommon thing for us to do. I began to get suspicious the days leading up to our weekend away as Tim told me to pack light … “You only need one bag Keely, don’t bring half your wardrobe.” I came to the realisation that we would be flying somewhere and as we only had four nights, I guessed we would still be going somewhere fairly local, maybe to the Whitsundays. We jumped into the Uber the first morning of our holiday and Tim advised the driver we would be heading to the international airport … what?! It wasn’t until we arrived at check-in that I discovered Tim had planned a mini getaway to Fiji! I was beyond excited. We arrived at Royal Davui in the afternoon and it was like heaven on earth. Royal Davui is a small island with only a small number of private villas. We spent our time lazying around a private beach, chilling in our plunge pool, snorkelling the amazing reef, and burning off all the amazing food kayaking around the island. I didn’t think Tim could squeeze in anymore surprises but on the third day I was told we were going on a picnic. The island was tiny so I assumed we were heading to the beach. As we went down to the water there was a boat waiting for us. I thought to myself “Why would we want to go to another island? This island is so remote and beautiful, can we not find a picnic spot here?” Fifteen minutes into our journey out on the water, the boat suddenly stopped. The skipper then started towards our left and out of nowhere a sandbar appeared. The staff jumped out of the boat and began unloading several items and before I knew it we had a gorgeous picnic area set up on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean, complete with umbrellas, a picnic rug and an esky filled with champagne and seafood. After set up, the staff quickly jumped back in their boat and zoomed off heading back to our island. It all happened so quickly, I had no idea anyone could even have a picnic on a sandbar! Then in complete privacy Tim bent down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was one of the best days of my entire life. It was just the two of us surrounded by the ocean on a gorgeous sunny day.

Tim and I have very different personalities, but we share very similar views on life and we have the same goals for our future together. I think that’s why we work so well. Our personalities really challenge each other and we push each other to be better versions of ourselves and to keep growing. He is patient and thinks things through meticulously and I am like a bull at a gate. So he slows me down and makes me think things through (which has saved me on many occasions), and I push him to make changes and to take some risks. We share a deep love of good food, delicious wine and exploring the world. We have a strong love and respect for our friends and families. We look to both sides of our families as a shining example of where we hope to be in 30 years’ time.



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