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Kayla + Edgar: a field engagement


The idea of going out for ice cream once a month, playing with your Miniature Schnauzer Otis, and long Sunday drives in the Datsun can make a relationship seem pretty dreamy. For Kayla and Edgar, these are just a few of the things they shared as their favourite pass times when they are together.

A relationship, however, isn’t always so dreamy and sometimes things can get too busy to take special time out for the Sunday drive. There’s nothing like the tell of how a couple chooses to make it work during the busy times so as to see how their love floats. Edgar and Kayla’s special time together in and among the ‘busy’, includes regular lunch dates. As a continual expression of their love for each other the pair consider it a really important part of their days. “Even though we have different schedules and are sometimes very busy we always spend that time together. It’s just a little way for us to tell the other person that we care even on our busiest days!”

With marriage just around the bend for these two, it’s oh so wonderful to hear the pair talk about the relationships of both their parents who have set beautiful precedents for them in the realm of marriage. “Their examples alone give us all the advice we need. Their marriages have inspired us as a couple.”

In the meantime, an engagement shoot by Wanderlust Creatives creates a beautiful depiction of the love that this couple has for each other, adding to the anticipation of their day. “Sometimes we’ll be sitting or just hanging out and one of us will say ‘I can’t believe we’re actually getting married!'”


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