Katy and Devin’s modern wedding celebration


This epic and fun-loving pair celebrated their union with a modern, simple, yet unconventional destination wedding in Austin, Texas. They stuck to a non-traditional timeline, greeting the guests for cocktail hour, followed by a walk down the aisle and a reception full of tacos, fried chicken, funfetti cake, whiskey and ginger beer – and a whole lot of dancing! Find out more about this awesome couple below, and see shots from their inspiring day by Sullivan & Sullivan Photography.

Tell us about your proposal. 

Love Story (it’s critical to the path that has cemented our union, but I kept it short, if anything so you have some context) | Our story began in 2007 at a bar in Seattle; I was an underage lady out on the town and he a bartender sporting an irresistible smile. The Obama 2008 campaign took Devin across the states until he landed in DC with a job in the administration. Our paths diverged about three years later, given we were living on opposite sides of the nation and we respected one another to go our own ways. I texted in 2014, after I had moved to New York and noticed he was in town (thanks, Instagram). I asked him if he liked left field, he assured me he did. We showed up to our first date in matching outfits and we remained inseparable ever since.

Proposal | Two years after our reconnection, we went to Paris. Our trip coincidentally overlapped with our dear friends, Laura and Tim, who are incredible photographers. Unbeknownst to me, Devin let them in on a little secret and they surprised me with a photoshoot on a drizzly, beautiful Parisian day. We arrived at the Luxembourg Gardens just as they were closing. Tim used his French to convince the guard of just a few more photos. With no-one else in sight in the most beautiful gardens in all the world, Devin got down on one knee and my heart just about burst.

How did you know your partner was the one? I knew Devin was the one the moment he reached up behind the bar to expose the red trim of his Calvin Klein undies in 2007 – mm mm MM, swagalicious! Just kidding (kind of).

Given the path and circumstances of our journey that brought us to 2014, I was hesitant to give my heart entirely to Devin once again. A few months after we reconnected, I shared my fears with him. He so beautifully and genuinely appreciated my vulnerability. As ours eyes locked, I knew without a doubt that his eyes were the ones I wanted to mine to meet every day for the rest of my days. He topped the night off with homemade ice-cream sundaes, so duh.

What do you love most about your partner? Devin seeks out challenge and adventure. He finds thrill, not fear, when exploring new territory in any realm. He is incredibly optimistic, connected and patient. His love of learning, coffee, music, golf and planes is contagious and inspiring. Devin is able to read me with or without language and is always down to share an afternoon milkshake … just kidding (he won’t share his), but he’ll treat me to one of my own.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day? Being surrounded by so many people who we not only love tremendously, but have played such very different and meaningful roles in our lives still renders me speechless. Aside from it being the most perfect day, there are two moments that will always remain my favorite.

Prior to our wedding, our very good friend and celebrant, Amanda, asked us if we would be open to a surprise during our ceremony. Given our trust and love for her, we didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes”. The ceremony in its entirety was full of light, love and humour. Since we lean and trust very heavily in the people we surround ourselves with, especially on this most special of days, Amanda had us pause to admire the crowd that was present to celebrate our union with us. One by one, 11 of our nearest and dearest stood up and shared a line of a collective community vow for our union. Time stood still as Devin and I held hands and witnessed the most beautiful moment of our lives.

Given our love of music, we were particular in choosing an outstanding DJ. Michael Antonia of The Flash Dance let us know that the night was coming to an end, but not before an unabashed moment to reflect on our current political state by playing, ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC followed by a joyous ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Alicia Keys (given Devin and I reconnected in NYC). Devin doesn’t dance, but someone pulled him to the dance floor and we let it all out with the biggest smiles on our faces surrounded by SO much love! It was magic, followed by an unforgettable sparkler exit.

What is marriage to you? To me, marriage is rooted in inspiration, integrity, passion and connection. It is as simple as our vows to one another … marriage is keeping one another as the other’s favourite person and being a loyal friend. It is sharing one another’s laughter and tears, going on adventures together and sharing new experiences. Marriage is supporting each other through life’s ups and downs. It is communicating fearlessly, being proud of each other, growing old together and grabbing each other’s butts even when they are old and wrinkly. Marriage is finding new reasons to love one another each and every day.


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