Katrina + Jason: A Flora-Inspired Wedding


Against a backdrop of natural Australian beauty, Katrina and Jason wed in an intimate ceremony witnessed by their closest family members (and their beloved dog). The wedding was a true reflection of the couple and their relationship: relaxed, natural and quietly creative.

When (and how) did you know you’d found ‘the one’ in each other?
In the Warrnambool bar that we met at, Katrina offered Jason a chair. From that moment on our relationship developed into one of mutual respect and love. It has always felt right! Our contrasting personalities are in fact complimentary, and we feel at complete ease with one another.

Tell us about the proposal.
We got engaged in Lisbon, Portugal, on Katrina’s birthday towards the end of a holiday in 2015. The day had been spent exploring the cobblestone lanes, drinking at rooftop bars, watching the sunset and finally settling down a laneway with a beer waiting for a restaurant table. Throughout all of this, Jason had the ring in his pocket waiting for the perfect moment. That moment was when we were sitting on a doorstep, beers in hand. We started planning the wedding before we got back to Australia, aiming for a short engagement (six months)—we were ready to get married after being together for eight years!

How did you choose your venue?
We had frequented Heide over the years. Katrina volunteered there a while ago, we regularly visited exhibitions, and often explored the grounds with our dog. We originally had our heart set on a secluded site in the Dandenong Ranges, however after some thought and a revisit to Heide, we realized that Heide was perfect for us. Not only was it reasonably easy for us to get to from the western suburbs, but the scenery was beautiful in an untamed way.

What inspired your vibe and décor?
The vibe of the wedding was minimalist, with a pared-back palette of colours. We drew a lot of inspiration from the surroundings and Australian native foliage/flowers. We especially loved the trail of foliage that indicated the aisle. It was created from cuttings Katrina’s mum had taken from the family farm. The vision was achieved so perfectly—the trail of foliage really brought together the whole decorative display and complimented the natural environment.

Do you have a favourite moment from the day?
The moment we were announced husband and wife with a toast. Not because of the cliché lovey-dovey reason, but because we hadn’t had a drink for over a week and we felt so relieved to be able to start the celebrations with our families! Plus, we were both quite nervous throughout the ceremony (being introverts, standing in front of people pouring our hearts was daunting). I think it was at this moment that we smiled from ear to ear with happiness after realising we were now husband and wife.

How did you choose your vendors? Were there any you particularly connected with?
Many years ago, Jason and I observed the most beautiful photograph in a window. After some investigation, we discovered the photographer Jessica Tremp and her wedding photography alias, Brown Paper Parcel. She was the photographer for us! On the wedding day, Jessica made both of us feel incredibly at ease and comfortable. She spent time speaking to both of us before the wedding, introducing herself, and engaged with all of our guests in a really genuine way. We have always loved her photography and style, but now we have even more respect and admiration for Jessica after personally meeting her!

Another vendor that was a stand-out for us was our celebrant Nicola (Mrs. Jones). She wrote a beautiful, unique ceremony for us that took into consideration our wish to have a simple, non-traditional ceremony and that truly reflected our personalities and our relationship.

Is there anything you’re especially glad you chose to do?
We’re really glad that we had a wedding. We had originally planned to elope, however as word of our engagement spread whilst we were still in Europe on holiday our respective families had already begun asking us when the big day will be. After some consideration, we decided to have an intimate wedding with our immediate families. It was by far the best decision we made, because we had the most beautiful and emotional day witnessed by our closest family members. In addition, Katrina’s grandparents from Denmark came to Australia just for the wedding and it meant a lot to her. Our hearts were so full after the wedding; we didn’t want it to end!


Scroll down to see more of this gorgeous wedding, with images by Brown Paper Parcel Photography.


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