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Kate + Paul


Kate and Paul were high school friends who lost touch over the years, but a chance encounter brought the two of them back together … who knew it would be for the rest of their lives! “I was out at our local pub one night with some of our mutual friends. I walked up to say hello to them and hadn’t noticed Paulie kneeling down behind them doing up his shoelace. He heard my voice and stood up to face me – it was the first time we had seen each other in years! It was pretty surreal; we sat alone and talked for the rest of the night, catching up on all the lost time. He dropped me home that night and I went home knowing that he would be the one I marry. We started our relationship pretty much straight away and have been inseparable ever since!” Scroll down to see their beautiful wedding day, captured by Lauren Campbell.

Paul + Kate Highlights from Yesterday Videography on Vimeo.


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