Kat + Roman


It was really important to our Issue 29 cover couple, Kat + Roman, that their day be relaxed and enjoyable for everyone. “We had a very casual plan for the day and kept the formalities to a minimum – the only request we had was that everyone got up for a dance!” says Kat. Scroll down to find out more of the fabulous details, and to see shots from their day by Lara Hotz.


Roman: For me, music, food and drink were the most important things. We knew we would have a good time but wanted to be sure that all our friends and family had just as much fun. I left the finer details in Kat’s capable hands. Kat: It was really important to us that our day was relaxed and lots of fun for everyone. This determined most of our decisions, like making sure the ceremony and reception were in walking distance of each other, setting up picnic rugs and games for after the ceremony and hiring a bus so people didn’t have to drive home. The overall style became boho/vintage/garden wedding.

Roman: I’ve always enjoyed an excuse to don a nice suit, but I’m not very fashion conscious so I wanted to keep things pretty simple. My one request was that we find a suit with a matching vest. It was important for all the groomsmen to be comfortable and, being the middle of summer, they were all pretty stoked not to wear jackets. After being forced to try a few floral shirts on by trendy shop assistants, and in an effort to set myself apart from the other boys, we decided a pink tie was just the right touch. I think we scrubbed up alright! Kat: I didn’t really have a style in mind initially but I think it turned out to be boho. I knew that I wanted to wear a lace dress and was so excited when I found my dress at Corston Couture. We made some adjustments to the straps and it was perfect. The flower crown was a wonderful touch, and the only piece of jewellery I wore was a Samatha Wills ring.


Roman: I couldn’t pick just one – the whole day was awesome! But the four standout moments would have to be playing hacky sack with the fellas in the morning, seeing my beautiful wifey-to-be walk down the aisle, entering the reception and the acoustic song that the boys played for our first dance. Kat: I’m with Roman – the whole day was incredible, but my top three moments would have to be having our dogs Louie and Archie arrive for the ceremony, Dad walking me down the aisle towards Roman and all our family and friends dancing the night away. Seeing everyone having so much fun was the best and having Lara capture all these moments and more was the icing on the cake!


Roman: I was blown away. I don’t know how anyone could have second thoughts standing there! We’ve been together for a long time and it was nice to finally see her so natural in that moment. Kat: I was a little nervous to walk down the aisle but as soon as I saw Roman, I was calm and just focused on him. He looked amazing! We had so much fun during our ceremony – we had each written three vows that the other person had to read out. They were, I will try to …, I will try not to …, and I will always … it was very funny.


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