Karma Cola


The three founders of Karma Cola, Simon Coley, Chris Morrison and Matt Morrison, stumbled across a fact four years ago: the world drinks 2 billion colas a day but cola farmers have never earned anything for all that drinking. That’s when they had the idea for a soft drink that could connect cola lovers with cola farmers. A drink that was not only kind on tastebuds but did some good in the world. And they decided to call it Karma Cola.

Now, for every bottle of Karma Cola sold anywhere in the world proceeds go back to the people who grow cola in Boma village, Sierra Leone, helping them rebuild their war torn communities through the Karma Cola Foundation.

Since bottling the first batch in 2012, over USD75,000 has gone into the Karma Cola Foundation. So far, funds have built a bridge, sent 60 girls to school annually, installed two teachers; supported an educational HIV / AIDS theatre group, rehabilitated 12 forest farms, built a rice huller so villagers can develop an income, developed a seed bank for future seasons, and sent in medical supplies to help fight Ebola.

This year we’ve built a guesthouse to generate more income, fix school furniture, provide transport for cola farmers to trade outside their village, and support four women to start their own business.

The initiatives focus on independence rather than dependence.

All Karma Cola’s drinks are organic and, where possible, Fairtrade. Karma Cola was awarded the Fairest Fairtader Award in 2014, chosen out of 27,000 Fairtrade products in the world because of the work the Karma Cola Foundation does in Sierra Leone.

Karma Cola’s more than just a fizzy drink. Its built a business around having a real purpose in the world. The more fizzy sold the more good they can do. #drinknoevil

If you’re reading this and planning your wedding, or next event, maybe you might consider Karma Cola to provide their liquid goodness, and in doing so you’ll be making a difference!


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