Karly + Kurt


“I truly couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else.”

We didn’t get engaged! Kurt and I met at a baseball game under the lights 11-and-a-half years ago. We have a beautiful (almost) four-year-old son, John. We both wanted to get married, but knew we wanted to do something very small and intimate, so we decided to elope. We wanted it to be a day truly about just the two of us, and our love for one another. We didn’t tell anyone … we kept it a secret for about a year-and-a-half.
The day finally came, and it was amazing. We weren’t exactly sure where we would exchange our vows, but we found the most amazing, private spot in the Valley of Fire State Park. It was the windiest day, so it was the perfect place to get away from (most of) the extreme wind gusts!
After we exchanged vows and rings, and had our “first dance”, we headed back into Las Vegas and had our wedding dinner at In-N-Out Burger! It did not disappoint and we continued walking through Fremont (or Old Las Vegas) which was lit up, and the streets were crowded with people.
After our photographer Janneke and our videographer dropped us off at our hotel, we changed into casual clothes, walked the strip and played cards. It was the best day. I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Kurt and I are an amazing team. We love one another and care for one another deeply. We complement each other in some ways (I’m the planner, he’s the spontaneous one) but have so much in common. We love to have fun, but we both also love to relax. After almost 12 years together, we know one another pretty well inside and out. I truly couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else … he keeps life exciting, yet grounded.


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