Karina + Konnor: a Byron Bay Engagement


Konnor and Karina were introduced by mutual friends at a work gathering. The moment they locked eyes, it was instant attraction and love at first sight – the rest was history. Konnor proposed to Karina in the romantic and beautiful Italian city, Venice. They have an inseparable bond and five years on, still give each other butterflies.

Byron Bay was chosen for the engagement shoot with two locations in particular, a little known waterfall hidden in the hills inland from Byron called Minyon Falls, and then Byron itself. “The track into Minyon Falls was fairly easy until we reached the last section where we had to climb over rocks the size of boulders. It was well worth it as we pulled ourselves over the last rock to see this giant black wall, so intimidating yet beautiful. From the top a steady but small stream of water danced its way down the face of the wall before landing in the deep dark waters below. We were so hot from the track the refreshing spray from the waterfall was amazing and cooled us down within moments. After a while of admiring the beauty we headed back chasing the sunset at our second location to the most easterly point of Australia, below the Byron Bay Light House. We arrived in Byron with afternoon bustle, the sun starting to make its descent over the far side of the bay, people everywhere enjoying the sun, afternoon walks and swimming in the tranquil waters of Byron Bay. This is where Karina and Konnor spent time just relaxing, talking and watching the sun after an adventurous trek earlier. It was a beautiful ending to an amazing day documenting the hidden gems Australia has and the beauty and love that Karina and Konnor share,” describes Adam from Raconteur Photography.

Scroll down to see the heartwarming photos below.


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