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Kara: March rolled around and it was time for Kevin and I to head to Iceland! I had secretly hoped he would propose on this trip, but he acted super bummed out prior to the trip and said that getting the ring wasn’t possible in time. His act had pretty much fooled me, but I still watched what baggage he was carrying with him throughout the trip just in case.
On about day four of the trip (my birthday), I realised he wasn’t carrying a backpack at all times or anything a ring could be in. I had conceded at that point that anything would happen. Kevin is pretty good at secrets and keeping a straight face.

Kevin: After a nervous month of hoping the ring would be ready in time, Kara and I boarded the plane to Iceland. I hid the ring in my coat pocket with Kara by my side. I was actually pretty frantic about getting the ring through security without them blowing my cover!

Kara, who is normally behind the lens, really wanted to try to start documenting our life and travels. We realised after all these years together, we didn’t have a lot of images of our life. So we decided to see if Karen (a close photographer friend) was free on her travels to join us and help document the first trip outside the country together. I was planning to propose on the trip and decided this was the perfect opportunity to capture the moment and maintain the surprise. I let Karen in on the plan and pinpointed Jökulsárlón as the spot—a picturesque glacier lagoon complete with floating icebergs and home to arctic seals.

Kara: On March 6, Karen landed in Iceland and we all headed to the Blue Lagoon for a relaxing day. This geothermal spa with beautiful turquoise hues is stunning and it even snowed on us that day!
We hung out and shot some images in the lagoon before I was to photograph a couple myself. I even remember asking Kevin to borrow his coat since his was heavier and for the first time ever, he said no! I remember thinking how rude it was that he wouldn’t let me use it for only a short period of time, only to find out later exactly why he didn’t want me wearing it.

The next day, we watched the sun come up as we drove to Jökulsárlón. I remember the rays of light coming through the clouds that morning to be one of the most beautiful sunrises I’d seen! We arrived and started walking down by the water—the floating ice/icebergs were unlike any beauty I had ever seen!

As we made our way along the water’s edge, Kevin and Karen decided we should use this rad iceberg that washed up on shore to start snapping some images. It was atop that iceberg that Kevin got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I remember mouthing the words “yes” with happy tears and shock on my face! After getting engaged, we celebrated in Reykjavík and captured some images in the city itself!

Almost one year ago I went on a trip that took me to a lagoon in Iceland, the crowded streets of downtown London, and eventually to the magical Isle of Skye. But the highlight was getting to marry my best friend and start a whole new chapter of this journey through life. I can’t predict what life will have in store for us. I’m sure we will have times of sorrow and times of joy. We’ll be surprised, bored, excited, angry and happy. But as I said in my vows on the Isle of Skye, it will all be better because it’s with you and I’m glad I get to share all of it with you. I have known you for a long time and we have been through a lot, but you are still so full of hidden surprises and strengths. You never fail to impress me. I know I always have you to lean on for support, and whatever life holds for us, I’ll be there to support you. I’m excited to go through all of life’s challenges with you and grow stronger together. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this first year of marriage with you. Late nights with friends, quiet dinners, moving into a new home and picnics with Zoe. I hope I get a million more. In this journey of marriage, I want to be there to see you grow even stronger, help each other in our struggles, celebrate our triumphs and enjoy all the quiet moments with you in between. You are an amazing, creative and fascinating person and have become an even more wonderful wife. Thank you for a great first year in our journey—you will always be the best part. I love you so much.

Before our wedding, we learned so much about what it meant to truly love in a deep, unconditional way. That season prior to our wedding day was one of the hardest, even more so than two years of long distance. Yet, I wouldn’t change a single thing about it because those moments led me to a deeper connection with you. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we were surrounded by baby sheep and loved ones in the Fairy Glen. Looking back there is so much significance to every moment, even more than I knew at the time. The Fairy Glen is a shrunken version of a large-scale geological wonder. Within it holds man-made labyrinths that are said to bring good energy and karma to work through something difficult. People walk through these labyrinths as a spiritual practice or meditation. Much like the geological wonders of the pointy, round hills and tall rocky ridges forming the glen, our love was shaped through weathering and over time. I had no idea of the real meaning of those rock formations at the time, but a piece of us and our history was built there. I have wanted nothing more than to know you in every possible way—that is what love is all about. Knowing your heart, quirks, what makes you laugh or get irritated—simple moments like making dinner together and creating our life together has been my best adventure yet. Every day I wake up feeling alive and excited because you are there. You are my person. You are my best friend. You are who makes me feel at home. You are who holds my heart always. I love you. As I always say, but still as true as ever, “You’re my favourite!” Cheers to the beautiful memories we have lived and all that lies before us!



It was really hard writing these vows because it’s really hard to put into words how much you mean to me. I know that sounds cliché, but seriously, if I were to ask your friends to describe you, the amount of adjectives they would come up with is ridiculous: kind, gracious, giving, loving … the list would go on and on. But as hard as it is to put how much you mean to me in words and write these vows, I am going to try … so bear with me.

In the weeks leading up to today, I think I was dwelling on things a lot. Dwelling on the past and the future and what life would bring and the uncertainty of it all. And when things got crazy, hectic and stressful, my brother reminded me to focus on the moment I was in and appreciate the present. And so I took his advice. Then a few days ago we were standing at the top of the hike to the Old Man of Storr and we were reading letters to each other about our lives together and adventures, and what marriage means to us. And I kind of put what you mean to me into that letter, that all the adventures we had wouldn’t have meant half as much to me without you—they wouldn’t even be close. Even that moment standing under the Storr on the Isle of Skye was a million times better because you were there. Every moment in life is better because you are there. And that’s what love and marriage is really, you know? I can keep all those traditional wedding vows, “for better or worse”, all of them, if I remember that. That all the good moments and all the bad moments, all the sad moments, and the happy moments, the truly terrifying moments, they’re all better simply because you are there. Amazing, beautiful you. I promise to always remember that and appreciate all the moments in life with you. And I promise to do whatever it takes to always make the moments in your life better because I am there. Because that is what you do for me. I love you and I will always cherish you and every moment of our life.


Our story has not been a simple one. We’ve been through a lot together, but despite all the odds these last few months, here we are! In the last few months, I’ve truly come to understand the meaning of “for better or worse” and “in sickness and in health”. We’ve fought really hard to move toward each other amidst the chaos instead of letting it divide us.

I value your patience, kindness and calming presence. You are my constant when nothing else makes sense. I’m so unbelievably grateful I found you all those years ago.

This hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s taken my heart by storm and you’ve made it worth everything. Today, we take it all in surrounded by those dear in beautiful Scotland. Tomorrow we will reminisce about adventures on the Old Man of Storr, the double rainbow and trying to find 7 Greep (inside joke because no GPS worked in Skye, haha. We got lost an hour before getting ready trying to find the house). And in 10 years we will hug our children together and explain what love is and how this story began. We will paint the picture of what Skye felt like and catch each other’s smile and loving glance in passing.

I promise I will always love and fight in your favour. I’ll build a home with you and treasure the story we are writing. One of the most beautiful things about our relationship is we eventually find the humour in our hardships. I can’t wait to be your wife and begin this next chapter together. I love you, adore you, respect you and cherish you always.

Kevin + Kara | Isle Of Skye from Orpen Film Co. on Vimeo.


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