Something Blue – Something Beautiful


Nothing quite compares to the feeling of excitement we get when some of our favourite suppliers band together on a creative project. It’s kind of like when Alien versed Predator, or when we first saw that photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender sharing a G&T on the dance floor at the Golden Globes. Just, wow.

So, when we first heard that our gorgeous friend Rachael Peachey from Peachey Pie {bespoke weddings & events} had teamed up with THE Justine of Justine Rose and Loveseat, we did a silent scream and broke the land speed record for opening  image files. As the story goes, Rachael met Justine at a bridal shower they both worked on, and thought it would be fun to do a little project.  Of course, in typical wedding world style, these two industry hot properties quickly realised that between various weddings and events they both had on the calendar – not to mention the fast-approaching birth of Justine’s first baby – their opportunities were limited, and so they just went for it!

 This is a softer, more romantic take on the nautical look, incorporating whites and soft pinks with touches of blue in various shades. The girls are rightly forecasting blue being a big 2014 wedding trend and show us here how to use various shades to punctuate the table setting.  Honourable mention from the white office goes to those vintage blue chairs from Loveseat – want, want, want! 


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