Julia + Sami


“Sami has always been the only one. We met at school; he was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and the first one worth the effort.”

As Julia and Sami became husband and wife, the air buzzed with pure joy from family, friends, and the couple themselves. The guests numbered in the two-hundreds, but Julia and Sami felt blessed to share a genuine relationship with each and every person, and to be able to share the day with them all. It was a true family affair, with readings both in English and the native Samoan of Sami’s family, and many a “Siva Samoa” (Samoan dance) performed.

After heartfelt vows were exchanged (“There was no holding back, tears and all,” Julia says), the celebration continued into the night. And it didn’t stop there: rather than dashing off on their honeymoon right away, the newlyweds hired a big house for a few days afterwards, inviting all their family and friends to join them.

The energy of the day is palpable in the shots below, captured by Canberra photography duo Anthea and Lyndon.


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