Joshua Mikhaiel Photography


I’ve always been a passionate story-teller … but always wanted to do it in a way that hadn’t been done before. I’ve never been able to cope with staged, posed wedding photographs. It’s just not me. I want to take raw, real and authentic images that truly tell your story. I believe that truth contains all the beauty we ever need. I think there’s a huge difference between a “pretty photograph” and an “authentic photograph” and I think that only one of them is truly beautiful in a way that lasts.

It’s always my goal while shooting to make sure the people in front of my camera are first of all having fun and secondly not feeling like they’re being photographed. I know how much I hate the feeling of having a camera in my face so I promise to help you feel like there’s never a camera in yours.

I love what I do and I make a point of it to get so emotionally involved in my work that you’ll probably catch me crying during the ceremony and doubled over in laughter during the best man’s speech. I don’t see what I do as a job … it’s just something I can’t not do.

I specialise in photographing couples who are doing something unique and are adventurous at heart. I’ve photographed weddings all over Australia, Europe and the United states and met so many amazing people through telling their stories.

I will make you jump fences, climb mountains, get a bit of mud on your dress and make you have so much fun that your belly hurts from laughing long because your cheeks hurt from trying to smile! These are my terms. Hire me at your own risk.


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