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Jody + Jason


This too-cute-for-words couple looked completely natural and serene on the day that they shared “I dos”. The style of the day, captured by Bayleigh Vedelago, resonated the pair’s true essence, and you can tell just how head over heels they are when we asked them what makes them swoon about each other:

Jody: ‘From the moment I met Jason – I felt different. You meet so many people during your life, then you meet one person and your whole life changes forever. He is unlike anyone I have ever met; he has a presence about him: he is fascinating, charming and incredibly kind. He is the funniest, craziness and on occasion the most inappropriate man I know. He is gentle, soulful and practices presence like no-one I know. His eyes are pure kindness. He is a man of great integrity. He sees things I don’t. Whilst I look to see what is over the hill, he is looking at what is right in front of him. He stops to smell the roses – literally. I love the way he loves, he is all in – all the time and I cannot imagine my life without him.’

Jason:’I love Jody’s energy: she is calm, grounded and never wavering. She is rock solid – she balances me. I love her mind. She has a beautiful way with words, an ability to help others see the light. She continues to astound me every day. I love her vision – Jody is a leader. She is strong but gentle. She is understanding and compassionate, honest and graceful. Jody is my mirror, my twin flame. We learn and grow from each other every day, we both share the responsibility of moving forward. We are on the same evolutionary path. I love that smile and those sparkly eyes.’


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