Jessica + Matthew: Spring Wedding


Jessica and Matthew are partners in every sense of the word. Their long friendship made a great foundation for their eventual relationship; the business they run together is strengthened by their deep connection; and they’re “always planning, searching, exploring new things and places”. When Matthew decided the time had come to take the next step in their journey together, the proposal was relaxed, comfortable and intimate—much like the couple themselves:

“We went on a weekend away to Rye, which wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary. Matt had organised to stay in a caravan park right on the beach in an amazing retro airstream. Summer hadn’t quite started yet, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We spent the day going to wineries and then playing board games on the beach. Matt disappeared for an hour or so under the guise of getting wine and snacks—he must have decided that this was the right time and place and called my parents to ask for their blessings. We went out for an amazing dinner and decided to walk along the beach home. Jumping into bed with a cup of tea and yo-yo biscuits, I thought it was strange that Matt was sitting on the floor chatting (he has a bad back so is never usually on the ground). I turned around to put my tea down and when I turned back he was on one knee. It was very surreal but completely perfect, in our PJs. I accepted straight away and we stayed up all night chatting. I don’t think it hit me completely until a few hours later and I burst out crying. The proposal was a complete surprise.”

Jessica’s Vows

I love Matt for his generosity, the way that he is always thinking about how he can help other people, even those he doesn’t know. Matt’s family are some of the most loving people I’ve ever met and I am truly lucky to get to be a part of that unit. His love for his family always makes my heart burst. I love the way he dances; it brings me infinite joy and reminds me of just how smooth he is. I love Matt’s nature—how enthusiastic and excited he is about life, how he makes me lighter every day and shows me how to shake off things that don’t matter. Matt is always true to his word, if he says he is going to do something I’ve never questioned that he will. I love the strength and self belief Matt gives me to be able to do whatever I want. He is my biggest supporter and he gives me the confidence to strive further than I ever would have without him. He is also better than I am when it comes to communication. Our love is his foundation and he never wavers, so I don’t either. And finally, I’m proud of the way Matt has grown our business. He has created something special and I always knew he would.

Matthew’s Vows

Jess inspires me every day. I love her outlook on life, to have fun, don’t worry and most importantly be content and present in life. Jess has opened my eyes to how fascinating life can be! I love that she encourages us as a couple to dream big, aim high and never hold each other back from our dreams. I love Jess’ strength not only as a strong, independent woman, but also as we’ve grown, she even protects me throughout our life. I love that Jess always sees the best in people; she loves to help in anyway and puts other friends’ and family’s needs before her own. Jess always has my back no matter what, but she will put me in my place when I’m wrong (I hate that she’s always right). But I have so much respect for her because of this! I love that Jessica is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and she doesn’t realise it or even care. I love that Jess is entering this marriage with the circle of life in mind and understands the importance of being together forever and never looking back. I love that without her knowing it, she has not only inspired me but has given me the aspiration to be the man I want to be and the husband she deserves.


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