Jess Tremp: Brown Paper Parcel


We are so excited to have a ridiculously talented photographer on the blog today.  Jess Tremp is the sole genius behind Brown Paper Parcel Photography and her work defies most illustrious adjectives used to describe it. Catching up with her is always a scream. She has talent and wit, a winning combination in anyone’s book and quite possibly the only two things you need to navigate life. Take five and get to know Jess a little better. And when you’re done, check out her stunning shoot of Jacq and Sammy’s wedding day.

Describe a perfect day:  I’d wake up to a balmy, drizzly day and go for a swim somewhere on my own. When I walk back into the house, I smell fresh coffee and my husband and son are both in their happiest moods hanging out at the breakfast bench. Michael and I do the quiz in the papers and a little barefoot pottering in the garden. At lunch time a wonderful friend drops by with a few tasty treats, we accidentally get tipsy on a delicious bottle of red and animatedly come up with the best creative ideas we’ve had in months, which we’ll promptly forget the next day.  After everyone leaves and Syd has gone to bed, Michael puts on one of my favourite records (Billie Holiday, Elliott Smith, Neil Young’s Zuma or Jason Molina) and we talk about how much we love everyone and then fall asleep watching a rerun of Seinfeld, but not before we book flights to Mexico.

The ultimate destination to shoot at? Just one? Oh no! I can’t! Can I do a top 3? Cuba, Sicily and Antarctica. Getting married on ice, anyone? I’d shoot those ones for free. 

How did you decide on your stunning vintage-like style of photography? I don’t think I did. My shooting and processing feels almost out of my control to some extent. It’s always slightly changing and morphing, as am I. But I’m a sucker for moodiness and timelessness and I guess that’s where it might have crept in from.

Where is the most inspiring place your job has taken you? While I’ve been lucky to shoot overseas, I’m actually endlessly inspired by the Australian landscape. A recent fashion editorial allowed me to shoot in a National Park outside of Sydney and I was so in love with the murky mustard colours, swamps and tea trees there.

What is your happy place? Home and the immediate vicinity thereof. Is that boring?

Can’t live without? Spaghetti, my husband and son, the internet (sad I know), and honesty!

One thing people would never guess about you? I hate speaking on the phone, am scared of roosters and the feeling of dry flour on my fingers gives me the creeps. 

If we saw you down the street what would you be wearing? A floral dress or blue jeans, unkempt hair, a toddler on my hip and minimal makeup.

Why photography? I wasn’t as good a dancer.

See more of Jess’ gorge photography at Brown Paper Parcel Photography.


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