Jess Chapman MUA

Earlier this week we chatted to local cool cat and first rate make up master Jess Chapman. We talk beauty tips, pinterest and travel plans. Check out some of her portfolio below.
What was the first makeup product you ever owned?
My first makeup product I ever owned was an Australis smudge black eyeliner, back in the 90s when lining your inner eye was the cool thing to do everyday.
What made you want to become a makeup artist?
I have always been creative and discovered that I had a passion for it about six years ago now. I picked up some brushes and created looks on a friend. I started to research and it snowballed from there.  Here I am today doing what I love.
Whats one beauty product everyone should own?
A great primer! Preferably a hydrating one. Primer allows the foundation to glide over the skin easier creating a clean base and also holds the foundation longer. A brightening primer on it’s own is gorgeous on the skin also, adds glow and life.
What’s your best way to relax after a long day?
Pinterest! I am constantly searching for inspiration. I pin my heart out. I find it therapeutic. 
Not many people know that …
You can use a lipstick as a blush–quick way to add colour to your cheeks if you are out or away.
Describe your style to first timers and those who have heard of you but haven’t how fab your handiwork is! 
My makeup style is very clean and natural. I love finding beauty that is already present in the person.  My focus is always about the skin, fresh and dewy, highlighted and full of life.  Currently, I am falling head over heels in love with romantic flushes in the cheek and full bold brows. 
What’s your biggest goal for 2014?
This year I am working towards agency representation. I feel an agency could help guide me into my future career and goals as an artist.  I fly to London in May for a few months to gain more experience and assist some big artists over there and hopefully return to London in 2015 to continue to learn and grow. I am assisting big artists here such as Rae Morris and Becca Gil Martin and I am working on lots of projects. 


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