Jeni & Tom: A Sweet Little Fairytale


Beneath a gently expanding canopy of stirring clouds, something rather marvellous was taking place. It involved several looks of adoration, a few spoken promises–sometimes whispered through a tear-induced break in the voice–and laughing. Lots and lots of laughing. People gathered from far and wide just to witness this great and groovy event. Their reason for being there? Two dear hearts that long ago began to beat as one. Jeni and Tom had their special day and what a spectacular one it was, too! Jeni looked regal in a dress as white and divine as a unicorn’s coat, while Tom looked valiant in a suit as dark and mysterious as twilight.

Of course, apart from the giggling pod of family and friends, there were two special others that snuck around like invisible imps. The first? A fairy godmother who, with a wave of her incredible talent, transformed the plain glass reception venue into a wonderland fit for a king. Sheree from She Designs Events was her name and her powers to make things beautiful were like none other in the land. The second? Well, had anyone actually seen him, he could have been mistaken for a Cyclops. He always stared through a shiny glass eye, and his job was to capture every wonderous moment so that years from now, Jeni and Tom could revisit that sublime day just by looking through the pages of a great, big, photobook. John Benavente, you clearly have the power to harness magical moments. As for Jeni and Tom, the smiles you see haven’t gone anywhere. They remain as broad and true as the very day these stunning pictures were taken. 

See, not all fairytales are made up! 


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