Jayde + Dylan: Classic vintage wedding


Dylan definitely took a fresh new approach to the traditional wedding proposal when he got down on one knee and asked Jayde to ‘share every adventure with him for the rest of their lives’. In fact he took a minty fresh approach, pardon the pun!

After driving through the Bellarine Penninsula, the loved up couple stopped at a boutique estate cellar door called Kiltynane winery and after tasting their way through the wine list, they ordered a home grown grazing platter and a bottle of wine to sit outside in the garden and enjoy the ocean views of Swan Bay.
It was here that Dylan asked if Jayde if she would ‘like a mint?’ while producing a tin box of Eclipse mints from his pocket. He opened the tin and to Jayde’s surprise, inside was a fine silver diamond band lodged within a sea peppermints.

This proposal embodies all that is Jayde and Dylan – a lovable blend of fun, excitement, surprise and romance. And, of course, this is was exactly what shone through on their special day.

With rustic vibes and classic vintage undertones, their wedding was anything but ordinary. As a surprise, the bride sang ‘Rest of my life’ by Holley Maher in front of all the guests for her loving groom and to top it all off, there was even a quirky choreographed father/daughter dance.

Christian Marc was there to capture each precious moment. Scroll down to see the details of Jayde and Dylan’s wedding.


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