Jamie + Luke: Vintage camp wedding


Luke’s first thought when he saw Jamie walk toward him was ‘just how beautiful she looked” and how fortunate he was to able to stand by her side.

The pair joined together in a vintage camp styled wedding, filled with personality and quirky charm. Having always been lovers of nature, both Jamie and Luke were eager to incorporate this into their special day and weren’t fussed on sticking to tradition.

Jamie sported an elegant black and white gown and the pair opted not to have a wedding party. The laid back couple didn’t want to get get caught up in the hype of it all, instead wanting to celebrate their love with a ceremony truly representative of their relationship. Luke shares more about his advise to future couples: “Enjoy your wedding day. Don’t get caught up in tradition, if you don’t want to do something simply don’t. You’ve got one shot, it’s your day and everyone is here for you ­but don’t let that get to your head. Take the time to greet each and every person at your  wedding during the course of the reception. You invited them because they are special, make them feel that way.”   

See the enchanting imagery of Jamie and Luke’s wedding as captured by Nicole Mason below.


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