Jamie + Gareth


‘Gareth’s proposal was exactly what both of us had envisioned it would be – an intimate moment between the two of us, no bells and whistles required, just a ring symbolising our love and commitment to each other forever. On the morning of the proposal, Gareth awoke and left the house at 6am, returning a few hours later to take me for a walk through King Edward Park and down to Newcastle’s Bogey Hole. As we were looking out at the water, Gareth stepped back, and when I turned to see what he was doing, he was down on one knee. I had to sit down I was so overwhelmed with emotion. He later told me he had spent the morning with his best friend working through his nerves, and paid a visit to my mum to ask for her approval. Gareth and I often walk to this spot and relive this precious moment.’ A delicate blend of bohemian, Moroccan and romantic inspired elements were infused throughout their celebrations and every detail was captured beautifully by Jake Thomas. Scroll down to see how their day came together.


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