Jake + Brittany’s Bali Destination Wedding


These two said yes to forever in luxury at this spectacular Bali venue. Tropical and fun, with white blooms and a glass floor aisle over the pool — we cannot get over the amazing ceremony location. Keep reading to get to know Jake + Brittany and see it all captured by Maria Shiriaeva.


Tell us about your proposal. On my 21st birthday Jake had a ‘surprise present’ little did I know… I was about to skydive 14,000FT! Scary enough as it was, I couldn’t ask for a better gift. As I was landing I could see a bunch of people and a sign saying ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME CHEEKS’ (cheeks is my nickname). Once I landed Jake then got down on one knee in front of our family (including Jakes sister who is a photographer) and of course I SAID YES! He has it all planned like a fairytale. The only one wish he completed and that was to have someone capture our special moment. 

How did you know your partner was the one? He said things to me know one else did. He used words like loving, caring, fun. That felt different in itself for once. (we know what guys are like)  And then well he became a father, that when I truely fell in love!  He is so gentle and loving to not only me to our little boy. He is my rock, and he has made many of my dreams come true.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? To be honest… after the massive day we have of traveling I think the best part would of have to be when my HUSBAND and I were in our convertible on the way to the ceremony, stuck in massive amounts of traffic with little to do. Weather was perfect, we had planes literally landing over the top of us. And all the locals waving to us wishing us a happy life together. Legs out the side of the car having a ice cold beverage!

Describe your wedding theme/style. We wanted something tropical.. Orignally we were going for the ‘beach themed’ wedding. But we wanted something different to. So while we were in Bali for my mums wedding renewal we had a look at some cliff weddings.. That’s when we fell so in love with the destination wedding idea. The beautiful ocean breeze, palm trees and a few cheeky monkeys! haha

What is marriage to you? Support and fun is the biggest to me. Of course love and being happy with your partner is the biggest part. To protect each other and love each other in this world and the next.


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