Jadyn + Sean: One for the history books
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Jadyn + Sean: One for the history books


This astounding wedding has got all the juicy stuff that prompts that ticking box in your chest to crack a ginormous smile which is sure to be seen all the way from the moon. Although we must admit, it does leave is feeling a little jealous of this amazing couple and all the beautiful international friends they’ve managed to meet along this crazy little journey we call life. Jadyn and Sean are college sweethearts and their industrial chic wedding was nothing short of international, which is no surprise for these two love birds as from the very beginning of their love story they brought together so much culture. Sweet Jadyn has a deep connection with a Polynesian family that she lived with for some time during her adolescence and of course it made sense for them to perform at her wedding. There were traditional dances for the bride and groom and a wonderful prepared dance for Jadyn to perform with her new hubby. Siblings of the bride and groom lovingly gifted the couple with a song which was followed by Jadyn serenading Sean with a song of her own. She sang and whispered the song and the beautiful pair weeped with pure joy together… We have been assured that there was not a dry eye in the room, and we are not in the least bit surprised. This is a love affair for the history books people, and we feel blessed to have witnessed it in all it’s glory. Thank you to the beautiful Carolina Lindsay for sharing.


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