Jacinta + Bart: The Long Way Home

Jacinta + Bart: The Long Way Home


We have a smorgasbord of delights for you all on the blog today. A little tradition, a dash of elegance, a sprinkling of sensational styling and photography and a love story that could outlive the human race. But you don’t need to hear it from us, let the gorgeous Jacinta and Bart take you through how their sweet day eventuated.

On how they met

Bart- We met at TAFE. She was amazing—smart and beautiful and full of personality, and when we started talking I knew she was the one. We could talk for hours about literally anything. Our first phone conversation lasted for about six hours. So I knew straight away. I asked her to marry me before we’d even gone on our first official date. She didn’t think I was serious. I was.

On getting married

Jacinta- Earlier this year, Bart started planning a move to Poland to look for work, and I realised I would have to stay behind until he found something. Suddenly marriage felt important.

Bart- For us, marriage was more about celebrating our love than the traditional thing about commitment, as we were already utterly committed to each other for life.

On tradition

Jacinta + Bart- As is customary at Polish weddings, we had a bread and salt blessing at the reception. The bread represented the families’ hope that we would never hunger or be in need. The salt was to remind us that life may be difficult at times and that we must learn to cope with its struggles. There were two shot glasses: one contained vodka and the other water, but we didn’t know which was which. If the person who chose the vodka could drink it with a straight face, it is said they would be the strong one in the marriage.

Jacinta- We weren’t afraid to break some traditions. Bart and I got ready together in the morning (he stressed me out because I was completely dressed and he was drinking a beer and walking around in his pyjama pants), and we had our photos taken before the ceremony, so were fluttery with nerves and excitement. Whenever we did break a tradition we figured it was better to do it unapologetically and with abandon!

On their woodland theme

Jacinta- We loved waking up in the forest on the morning of our wedding. And the photos amongst the trees were lovely—such beautiful colours and light. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

The woodland theme evolved naturally—we thought it would tie in nicely with Bart’s Polish heritage. We incorporated the theme into our DIY elements—my mother and I made the Hessian tablecloth as well as the buck and doe bunting that singled out Bart’s and my chair, and my sister Courtney and I made the reception booklets, which were hand-stamped with a toadstool design, as well as the ‘oh for fox sake’ cards our vows were written in. We signed our marriage certificate with quirky forest animal pens, and our cheese tower was presented on a log instead of a traditional cake stand. We loved wearing the woodland masks in the forest—the playful photos are some of our favourites from the day.

On the photography

Jacinta- Having a photographer I trusted was extremely important to me. I wanted my photos to be natural, romantic and interesting. No clichés and especially no brides up a tree! I love Steph’s photos because they capture all the little moments that are so easy to forget on a day that big!

Any advice for future brides and grooms?

Jacinta- Be a perfectionist but accept that perfection is unattainable.


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