White issue 23: We are all about home


There’s no place like home. Dorothy said it once, a long time ago in the Wizard of Oz, but she wasn’t the only one to believe it. We believe it too, hence our newest issue is dedicated to it. The home. The place where it all comes together, unfolds, blows up, simmers over, reconciles and ends up in a soft, giggling, tangle. What’s not to love? Where do we begin? There’s so much to tell you. Food for your wedding feast like you’ve never seen it before, thanks to Luisa Brimble and Charlotte from Otho’s Table. Glorious homemade beauty products straight outta your pantry thanks to four lovely ladies with the know-how and ridiculously talented stylist and photographer Emma Duckworth and Lisa Zhu (respectively). Kelly Smith sends our jaws to the floor with her stunning sketches of four dashing alternatives to the classic suit, and our hearts positively melt over Dan O’ Day‘s stunning visual account of Ginger and Pearl in Still the One. But that’s just a w ee taster. For the rest, you’ll have to pick up a copy. A slice of sublime for just $11.95? Not bad! 


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