Island Getaway Wedding: Alyssa + Cove


Alyssa and Cove met in 2010 while celebrating at the after-party for the Del Mar horse race’s opening day in California. Given Alyssa’s grandparents live in Del Mar and when she found out Cove’s parents were married there it gave her the chills: she knew he was the one!

Over the course of their relationship, Kauai in Hawaii became a significant location for the pair as they ventured there yearly on an annual trip. On their 2015 trip, Cove kept apologising for the poor weather, something that Alyssa couldn’t understand: it wasn’t his fault that it was overcast and raining. She later learned that secretly, Cove was anxious to propose but wanted a beautiful sunny day for the occasion. Three days in Cove got his wish! Cove suggested dinner at Polihale beach while watching the sunset. Alyssa was thrilled by the idea and they embarked on the 50 minute drive, with the last 20 minutes being on a dirt road. Cove was nervous and on a mission, and Alyssa describes those last 20 minutes as being thrilling! Still unaware of what was about to happen, the pair chose their picnic spot and set up. It wasn’t quite sunset, so Cove left Alyssa tanning on the beach to go for a brisk surf. When he returned, he asked if Alyssa would stand. Confused, Alyssa made it to her knees before Cove was kneeling before her. There, eye to eye, Cove asked a very surprised Alyssa to be his wife. As Alyssa says, it was the start of their forever.

Their wedding saw them back in Kauai. Ten minutes before the ceremony, the heavens opened up and cleansed the ground, ceasing just before Alyssa was set to walk down the aisle. Then, the sun burst through, bringing with it a rainbow. It is a moment the couple will never forget.

See the exquisite photos by Lauren Scotti Photography of their Hawaiian wedding below!



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