Intimate Riverside Wedding


Wes and Ben’s riverside wedding perfectly encapsulated the chilled nature of the couple. The pair camped out the night before the wedding with their closest friends and got ready for the ceremony deep in a valley. Wes and Ben said ‘I do’ in an intimate ceremony on the stony shore of a brilliant blue-green river, surrounded by pine forest and the orange tips of trees.

Tell us about your proposal. Ben and I had planned to go out to our favourite place for burgers and to a concert. We were walking through a park and all of a sudden Ben told me to close my eyes and started guiding me through the park. I kept thinking, “he got me something for my bike and hid it out here!” Then he stopped us and had me open my eyes. Ben was kneeling in front of me with a small wooden box in his hand. Inside the box was a piece of paper with a poem Ben wrote. The poem ended with, “will you marry me?”

How did you know your partner was the one? I could imagine building a life together that we both wanted and helping each other to achieve this.

What is marriage to you? Marriage is partnership. It’s about being by each other’s sides through the good and the bad and having someone to share all of that with.


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