Intimate In-Home Anniversary – Jess + Gabriel Conte


It’s not every day you meet a couple whose marriage has captivated almost 2 million people.

When we first saw these gorgeous images of Jess and Gabriel Conte captured by Sincerely Kinsey, we fell in love with the sweet romance of them. Celebrating one year of marriage together, Jess and Gabe have built an incredibly successful and hilarious youtube channel and a following of millions of people all over the globe since their wedding in December 2016!

Take the time to see these photos as more than pinnable, swoon-worthy photos (though they are!). They hold the beauty of marriage we’re daily looking to uncover and celebrate at White. From cuddles to cooking to music, these photos contain intimacy, vulnerability, and fun (aren’t these what make a marriage?).

Slow down your scroll, take a deep breath, take in the quietness of ordinary life mixed with the grand beauty of romance.

Thank you to Sincerely Kinsey for giving us these photos to share with you all!

Enjoy each one xx



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