Simone + Jason: Intimate Forest Elopement


Far from a plain Jane wedding, Simone and Jason opted for “A classy, eclectic, rustic enchanting forest elopement,” to be specific. And what an intimate wedding full of character it was. Situated on a hiking trail between tall pines, Simone rocked her beautiful bright red hair and an elegant gown with a chapel train, and walked around the bend in the trail to see her man-to-be dressed in a classy suit and florals. Their small gathering event oozed personality, and whilst sticking to many traditions on the day, this pair definitely created a fun and memorable day.

A beautiful piece of advice from Simone to other future couples getting married? “The day ends in a flash, and you do not want to look back and regret that all you could focus on that day was that one of your flower arrangements was wrong, or the ceremony started late. You will be the only one who knows, and to be honest none of that matters. All that matters is that your friends and family came together to celebrate your love.”


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