Intimate and Emotional – Rainy Outdoor Wedding


We hear rain on your wedding day is good luck, but in our opinion it’s just outright gorgeous! Kayla + John’s intimate and emotional outdoor wedding was met with an outpour of rain! Captured by Kate Wall, this wedding was rustic, simple and elegant, with a ton of beautiful emotion and sweet gentle moments! We talked with the bride about their love story:

Tell us about your proposal!

John and I went away together for the weekend to celebrate my Birthday in April, to one of our favourite Camp Grounds called: “Gordan Country” in QLD. John and I love it here, we have been visiting this Camp Ground for over 6 years now, so it has always had a special place in our hearts. I was not suspect on a proposal at all, as I know John is not a “cliché guy” to propose on my birthday. But, the afternoon before my birthday, John and I drove to the top of a mountain to watch the sunset, John asked me to stay in the car and put on a blind fold, as he has “an early birthday surprise for me” which he is needing to set up. Once John had finished setting up, he opened the car door and took me over to where he was setting up and asked me to keep my eyes closed as he removed the blind fold. Then John asked me to open my eyes – There he was, on one knee, holding my left hand, with a gorgeous diamond ring, asking me to marry him. (A dream every girl has dreamt). A few tears were shed and I answered “yes”. There were candles, roses, wine, platter board, all scattered over the picnic rug, as we sat down, watched the sunset and soaked up the special moment.

How did you know your partner was the one? When all our values and beliefs aligned, seeing the real and raw heart of the person. Understanding their personality, their desires, dreams, knowing and sharing their goals in life.

What do you love most about your partner? John is a very humble and generous man. John has a servant heart, he loves to empower and uplift others. He would drop anything for me. John’s a very soft, loving and caring man. He always goes above and beyond for me, his family and his friends. I love you John.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?  Multiple people asked me the morning of our wedding, “What are you most looking forward to”, I replied, “I just cannot wait to see John standing at the end of the Aisle waiting for me in his suit”. That was definitely one of my favourite memories of our wedding day. When I saw John smiling at me with tears in his eyes as I walked down the Aisle in my wedding dress, was the best moment, I will forever remember. The emotion of the day was overwhelming, the overflowing of love and generosity was beautiful.

What is marriage to you? “Two become one flesh”; From what was two, will now be one. Learn to practice unconditional love, partnering with the one person for life, to achieve all of life’s accomplishments with one another. To grow through life together, experience life’s journey’s together. To grow old together. To bear children. To leave a legacy for generations to come. To cherish, and love each other every day. To create new memories together. To laugh, cry and love with each other. Waking up beside one another. Finishing work, knowing I get to come home to my Husband every afternoon. To understand and communicate each other on a deeper level, that no one else will ever understand. To be intimate and truly one together.



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