Industrial Urban Boho


Seeking to avoid cliche or stereotypes, this shoot brought together an incredible team of vendors to create a vibrant, modern day wedding. Blending a relaxed free spirit energy with a modern aesthetic, industrial warehouse setting and a gorgeous couple, we wanted to celebrate life, love and creativity in richly layered ways.

This shoot brings together an incredible team of vendors to create an edgy urban boho shoot. The gritty indoors of a stark industrial warehouse is offset with the free spirited romance of exploring the outdoor streetscapes in the golden light, providing the perfect backdrop for the couple to frolic together in love.

Combining dreamy silk ribbons and soft linens with modern wooden stationery, the abundant use of florals in brilliant shades of pinks with rich foliages, and the unique ethnicities of the couple all help to effortlessly steer this shootʼs boho theme down a less trodden path.

Textural elements of the macrame details are whimsically echoed in the design of the wedding cake, and a lovingly restored kombi van creates an occasion for playfulness. Statement furniture pieces and thoughtful styling enhance the moodier aspects of the shoot. With exquisite wedding gowns, striking make-up and gorgeous wedding rings, the bold personalities of the couple shine through.

The story of the coupleʼs day is photographed with clarity and attention to detail, highlighting the juxtaposition of the familiar with the unexpected, bringing about something altogether beautiful and fresh.

This is a love that knows no boundaries and follows itʼs own heart. A love that beats to itʼs own drum. A love that is radiant, youthful and true.


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