Industrial Los Angeles Wedding


The first time that Sarah and Patrick met was full of hesitation and low expectations: after all, they arranged their first date via Tinder. But once they met face to face there was a spark and something just clicked. Both Sarah and Patrick had other dates lined up for later that evening and both second dates were quickly cancelled. By the end of the night, Sarah was sending selfies of the two of them to her best friends and the pair just knew that the connection between them was right.

It didn’t take long before Patrick decided to pop the question. On the day the couple took their dog on a walk from their Downtown LA loft to Grand Central Market. “I was so nervous,” Sarah said, “That I spent $87 on cheese and bread. All I knew about his plan was that my friends would be there, I had a seen a text pop up… so when we got to the park and no one was there I just started eating all the cheese.” While Sarah was nervously eating, Patrick declared that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sarah glimpsed the ring and got so excited that she kissed him and put it on.

But the surprises were far from over. Patrick had planned a surprise engagement party and with all of Sarah’s family and friends present; that’s what the text message had been all about!

The couple’s Los Angeles wedding day was minimalistic with a touch of greenery and the class of The King Edward Ballroom for their ceremony. Beneath a glittering chandelier and surrounded by candles and loved ones seated on white chairs, the couple swore to spend the rest of their lives together.

The reception, held in The Mezz, oozed industrial chic, with just the right balance between raw grit and modern style.

Scroll down to experience the images of their day by Carina Skrobecki.


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