Industrial Engagement Shoot – proof that connection is greater than location!


The best photos aren’t about the perfect venue, they’re about connection. In the case of this gorgeous engagement shoot with Nick and Christina, they brought their love into an office park (yep!) and it couldn’t have been more beautiful! Captured by Sheena Shahangian Photography, she shares the story of the day:

“I’m big a believer in getting creative with locations and trying something a little bit different and daring. This set of engagement photos was shot in an office park (I know, I know, the last place you’d think to have your engagement session photographed. I promise, we’re not totally crazy). We do like a challenge, however. And our amazing clients and friends, Nick and Christina, were so awesome in putting their full trust into our odd and quirky vision.

One of the things that saddens us about engagements and weddings these days is that brides are oftentimes concerned that if they’re unable to book the perfect venue, then their event will be seen as less-than.

We think there couldn’t be anything farther from the truth. As photographers, we have the ability to make any location into something special. It’s our responsibility as photographers to take advantage of the features that exist and allow the couple to make the location a place that highlights and accents their love. In our case, we turned the lobby and parking deck of an office park into what looks like an in-home session in a stylish loft.

Nick and Christina honestly couldn’t have been a more perfect couple to work with. Originally, Christina and I had spoken at length about doing an in-home session (maybe even renting a cute little Airbnb). I’ve had the honor of knowing these two for over 5 years, and they are just about one of the most loving, head-over-heels for each other couples I’ve ever met. So naturally, an in-home session seemed like the perfect way to allow these two to get snuggly and showcase their love in the most organic, authentic way possible.

But after hanging out at an Atlanta coffee shop that happened to be located in a newly updated office park, I knew I had found the perfect spot; a place that would take the photos a step beyond any ordinary in-home session and that would break boundaries a bit (Because these two have always been down for trying out new things. You could say they’re the ultimate trend-setters).

Nick and Christina agreed to my plan, sight-unseen (literally the dream clients) and we just went for it. The two of them played around on the concrete floor in the lobby like they were in the middle of their living room. From curling up on the ground with a good book and some pillows and blankets to cozying up with mugs of hot coffee, they literally could not have been more adorable.

The thing that I love the most about this shoot, aside from how adorable these two are, is that it shows engaged couples that the venue isn’t nearly as important as showcasing their love.

We took a place that most people might not think twice about and turned it into our own blank canvas. The office park was so simple in design and color, which honestly might have made most people pass it up, but when I saw the final images I knew we had done justice to the amazing love these two have for each other. Despite being a somewhat unconventional location, we knew this spot had the bones to be something great.”


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