Real Weddings

INDRA AND DAVE – Classic meets Free Spirit.


This wedding is the perfect case of when ‘Classic’ meets ‘Free Spirit’! He wore a dress suit and bow tie and she wore sequins and curls in her hair. There were succulents, ladders, cuban cigars, a flower girl in a pink tutu, letterpress stationery and many dear and sentimental moments. This magic we speak of started many moons ago as teenagers. Working across from each other in a shopping centre, Indra caught Dave’s eye! It wasn’t long before he sent a messenger (of love/cupid) over with his number… Indra wasn’t interested! That made for some awkward moments in the weeks to come, but Dave didn’t give up, his continual smiles finally melted her heart and they soon started chatting which led to friendship which well… we all know how this story ends… with Dave at the end of the alter waiting for his bride… full of raw emotion, every inch of them knowing this was right, so special, so perfect!


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