Love + Marriage

In hindsight


Sometimes good advice only makes sense when you look back at the journey so far. There’s nothing like the wisdom of those who have gone before to help make the path a little smoother. A handful of fine folks share cherished hand-me-downs that, in hindsight, have proved invaluable.

My father had a motorbike accident and passed away when I was young so my mum’s advice to me was, “never let your husband leave the house without telling him how much you love him”. Sophie Lorenzen Murphy

If you don’t want to cook dinner, be in the kitchen with nothing on except an apron. Hubby will want to get take away. Emma Kate

At our reception we placed words-of-advice cards on each table. Some of the best responses were, “try to make each other laugh at least once a day” and “Dave: practise saying, ‘you were right, dear’”. Lauren Sayer

Love them for who they are, not who you want them to be. Alysha Smith

In a relationship it’s not 50/50 its 100/100. Both parties should give 100 per cent all the time. Sarah Trissie Nocom

Though you might end up hating him two days a week – it’s not all love songs and fireworks – be sure you love him more days than you hate him. Take the good with the bad. Carla Bower

My grandpa, who also married us, told us to always take each other’s side. My husband is my defender and vice versa. Rochelle Helen Hrabak

Don’t hold grudges as it won’t always be perfect and always show lots of love towards each other. The little things make a big difference! Danielle Mewburn Cox

Husbands, cook dinner, it gives you brownie points in the bedroom. Lucy Ensor

Spend time together enjoying life and always talk about your problems together. Your children will leave home and you will still be with your best friend. Helen Gablonski

Marriage is like a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs but one hell of a ride! Kim Di Berardino

In my husband’s wedding speech he said his parents had given him the following advice over the years: Mum – find a friend first and the rest will follow. Dad – make sure you like her mum, that’s what she’ll be like in 40 years! Sarah Walker

A friend told me, “don’t have a honeymoon period, choose to make your marriage a honeymoon life”. Hayley Kirkpatrick

Always assume they are innocent when they hurt you; presume they don’t mean you harm and that it must be a misunderstanding. Hayley Leigh

Marriage is harder than you think it will be at first, but gets easier as you grow together over the years. Emma Kate

Never go to bed mad at each other. With that, ensure you say I love you each and every day. Ashton Merritt


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