“I Dreamed a Dream”


There is something magical about dreams, one would never know what one will see … just like when a newly-engaged bride closes her eyes to see her wedding day. Amelia from Pictures and Hearts Photography started this venture with a white scene, a bright beautiful burst of light. “For this editorial, we saw an ethereal scene of fine lace, vintage jewels, delicate veils and tulle skirts bursting with dainty prettiness that melt the heart. This is juxtaposed with dreamy white paper cut outs created by a paper artist Stuart Mc Lachlan, the scene with floating paper butterflies, paper top hat, and the infusion of fresh foliage adds magic and life to the whole atmosphere.”

To embrace and explore the nostalgic emotions, Alice from ALC Events styled the shoot with vintage furniture and vases against lush green foliage and the soft fine lace. Their model, Alina, wore a delicate vintage headpiece embedded with crystals and Amelia’s family heirloom – her grandmother’s vintage ring to help transcend the viewer to a whimsical and dreamy place where anything is possible. The use of the vintage grandfather chair against the soft white tulle exemplifies the feeling of weightlessness and euphoria when you are intimately involved in exploring your version of utopia through your dreams based on your past, present and future.


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