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It’s pronounced Hon, and it means ‘the person or self you reveal to your closest love’. Daniella du Plessis is the 22-year-old creator of this remarkable label which she forged in response to her sister’s dress dilemmas. ‘I started when we began searching for a wedding dress for my sister and I saw her struggle to find something she really liked,’ Daniella explains. ‘So I decided to try and create something that broke away from the traditional mould while still being beautiful and feminine.’ In our humble opinions she nailed it. Big time! It’s all about being happy in subtly designed silks and lace–the sort of dress a bride could cheerily hang about in all day. In that respect it’s hard to miss the  charm of Honne. We love its impish elegance and pioneering style that champions the best type of tear away from the norm that exists. Feast your eyes on the loveliest way to reveal yourself to your closest love. 


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