Hilary + Darren: a vintage, earthy wedding


Elegant, natural and romantic are the words that best summarise the wedding of Hilary and Darren. This beautiful pair were blown away on the day that they were finally able to wed, relishing the moment they walked down the aisle together as husband and wife as the highlight of their day. Read on to find out how Darren proposed, and to look at the gorgeous photography from their day by The Robertsons Photography.

“We hiked to a secluded beach for a beautiful picnic lunch and we enjoyed good food, wine, and each other’s company. I was definitely anticipating a proposal with the romantic setting and wonderful picnic fare. It was with much disappointed for me that there was no proposal at the picnic! To maintain the element of surprise, Darren then took us for our daily sunset walk with the dogs at the beach. Running down ahead of me in a game of chase with the dogs, he quickly tied the ring box to our dog Ellie’s collar before sending her running back towards me. Darren wasn’t far behind and went down on one knee and said those four unforgettable words. We still joke about what would have happened if Ellie had decided to run into the water for a swim!”


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