Heart & Colour


It’s hard not to fall in love with the magic of a wedding, especially when you’re in charge of documenting each moment. This is certainly the case with wedding photography team, Heart and Colour, who couldn’t be more passionate about what they do.

The ‘heart’ of Heart and Colour is husband and wife team, Bek and Phil. Back in 2010, Bek began her own photography business, often bringing Phil along to weddings to hold her bags. But when Phil one day picked up a camera, he became a truly inseparable part of the business—and attended every wedding from that point onwards. Eventually this gave way to a fresh new venture: Heart and Colour.

The story behind the name? “Not only does it involve our hearts, but also the hearts involved in each wedding story,” explains the team. “And then comes colour: the photos themselves and the emotion that bursts out of them.”

Heart and Colour is now a team of three. After welcoming their first child in 2015, Bek and Phil decided that Bek would take a step back from the camera, instead focusing on editing while enjoying the experience of motherhood. Phil, now principal photographer, aims to bring a touch of magic to every wedding, while Aaron (formerly of The Rare Negatives) has come on board to shoot alongside him, introducing an extra perspective.

The team has an all-consuming love for love itself. They’re inspired by the couples they shoot, the moments they witness, and the relationships that make life worth living. As well as wedding and elopement photography packages, Heart and Colour also offer portrait and engagement sessions to cater for all the stages of a couple’s journey; “Relationships are so important, which is why photos are so powerful: they frame what is most important to us.”

Bek, Phil and Aaron know how important their job is. As photographers capturing some of the most significant moments of people’s lives, they don’t take their task lightly. “To have the responsibility of documenting the beginning of such a beautiful commitment is an honour,” says the team. “The wedding wouldn’t be what it is without everybody’s role, but at the end of the day, it’s through our images that our couples will relive this occasion for years to come.”

No matter how many they shoot, every wedding leaves the team on a high. They’ve experienced some amazing moments, including a memorable Bali wedding where everyone—the couple, guests, and Heart and Colour team—jumped into a pool in all their clothes at the reception. Another moment that sticks in their collective memory is one in which the couple learned the sex of their baby through a slideshow at the reception documenting their history together. “It was such a beautiful surprise—the whole building was filled with happy tears,” says the team. “You can’t beat those moments.”

Location isn’t a limit when it comes to shooting a wedding. While based on the Gold Coast, QLD, Heart and Colour are always up for shooting weddings in different locations—even overseas; “Travelling is always really good for our creativity. The space and fresh air always leaves us feeling inspired for what’s ahead.”

Three things are crucial to every Heart and Colour shoot. Firstly, that couples feel at ease and comfortable, so that they enjoy having their photos taken; secondly, that each couple is left with an amazing collection of captured memories; and lastly, “that our couples know how honoured we feel to get to be a part of their day.”

“Wedding photography should be eternal, like marriage itself.” For Heart and Colour, the perfect suite of wedding photos consists not just of all the big moments, but all the in-between, imperfect and unexpected moments as well. “We’re not caught up in the lure of the industry that says you must shoot ‘this way’ or ‘that way’. We shoot for our couples, to give them timeless images they can look over for years to come. At the crux of it all, we’re passionate about marriage—and the wedding is only the start.”


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