Hauntingly Nostalgic


You know that anything called ‘Hauntingly Nostalgic’ is bound to be epic. Viktoria Novak has the name of a Bond Girl which may or may not be the reason she has such awesome names for all her collections. We were scrambling to get a look at her latest range of headpieces, called ‘Hauntingly Nostalgic‘ for a very good reason: they are hauntingly nostalgic, not to mention stunning beyond belief. Her latest pieces are a lovely meld of elegance and romance; she’s reinvented the crown and somehow made headpieces look more luxe than ever before. Suffice it to say we wanted two of everything we clapped eyes on. Hauntingly Nostalgic is now available in her Sydney Studio or you can view some of the collection right here!  There’s regal, and then there’s Hauntingly Nostalgic.


Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia