Hannah + Tim


Hannah met Tim four years ago when she took a gap year to volunteer at an inner-city school in London. She first fell in love with the place, and then with Tim! Read on to find out how he popped the question, and to see their wonderfully heartwarming engagement shoot below.

‘Tim proposed to me in January in Barcelona. It was supposed to be a surprise trip for my birthday but I am not one for letting go of the planning … so he may have had to tell me where we were going but I had no clue what was coming! The ring was my grandmother’s and Tim had made the two hour trip back to my parents to get it from my dad, only a few hours before our flight out! My dad will tell you there was a bit of a panic because when he went to get the ring from the safe, it wasn’t there! After tearing the house apart he realised my mum had moved it! Anyway, they managed to get the ring and Tim made the flight, all without me realising a thing. When he took out the ring by the marina after dinner (and maybe one too many drinks) I cursed a lot and then didn’t sleep all night with excitement – I was going to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man!’


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