Hannah + Peter


“Don’t leave your job, move out of your flat and get married in the same week” – these were words of advice from the bride herself, but hand in hand, that’s exactly what they did and the magic of happiness followed.

Locking their love in London surrounded by their closest friends and family, Hannah and Peter were overwhelmed with emotion of what this day truly meant for them. Not only were they about to embark on a new journey as husband and wife, but a new adventure through Europe and South East Asia would then lead them back to Peter’s home, Australia, to begin their new life together.

“Our wedding was very much laden with emotion as after our wedding we would be going to live in Sydney. We wanted our wedding to be a celebration of our life in London but at the same time we were saying goodbye (for now) to some of our amazing family and friends who we will miss immensely. Just being able to celebrate and share our happiness was truly memorable.”

The day saw for a modern mix of Australian and British elements throughout, and proved to be a perfect combination for all of their guests to feel completely involved with the love that Hannah and Peter have for each other. Little pieces from both the British and Australian lifestyle were elegantly displayed through their florals, favours and fine cuisine to make everyone feel at home.

Along with the abundance of love and humbleness displayed by both families, this eclectic mix made for an incredible and memorable day for all, the rustic style was splashed with a modern retro vibe as Miss Gen Photography captured the newly wed husband and wife as they walked the paved streets of London.



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