Hailey + Zac: when you know, you know!


Seven short weeks after they started dating, Zac Skyped his parents–who had just moved to England–to tell them he’d met the girl of his dreams. She was gorgeous, with an eye for design, mad soccer skills, a proficient barista and a fiend at DIY. The proposal, as it goes, was beautiful. The orange of sunset was the backdrop, a picnic at the summit of a muddy trail the location. And the question? Four of the simplest, most profound words a man can utter to a woman. Of course, Hailey said yes. As for the wedding—which took place in a breathtaking paddock on the Central Coast—words may do it justice, but images are definitely the way to go. Because anything captured by James Bennett needs no words to decipher its detail, expound its excellence, or brag about its sheer beauty. It is what it is, a wedding as beautiful as they come immortalised as a work of pure perfection by one of our fave virtuosos in the industry.


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