The enchantment of The Hague


Photographer Chi Kin Tsang and designer Pearl Dronkers teamed up to provide us with this enchanting shoot set amongst the romantic streets of The Hague within stunning 13th century architecture. The pair wanted to showcase The Hague in the same romantic light we so often see cities such as Paris and Rome. The shot is simple and elegant while showcasing the beautiful femineity of a bride. Pearl, with her exquisite dresses, reveals intricate detail,  stunning design and signifies the beauty of the female silhouette.


  • Photography Chi Kin Tsang
  • Designer Pearl Dronkers
  • Makeup Dainora Dulcyte
  • Hair Anna Wojnarowska
  • Model Yannick Alexander Van Elsué
  • Model Charina Bartels
  • Model Dewi Brouwer
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