Gypsy Inspired Greenhouse Wedding: Austen + Brennon


This Washington wedding is a bohemian dream, complete with an aisle made of Moroccan rugs and dinner in this gorgeous greenhouse. Black Diamond Gardens proved to be the perfect venue, with lush gardens, a log cabin and a pond filled with lily pads. From their romantic first look on the dock, to their sparkler send-off, Austen and Brennon’s story, vulnerability and honesty will melt your heart. Keep reading to get to know this sweet couple and see more from their eclectic, gypsy-inspired day.


Tell us about your proposal.

We were staying on a magical sailboat in Polsbo. It was one of our most romantic getaways, wine and water coloring on the bow, french jazz playing in he background as the sunset over the water. In the morning we took a walk along the boardwalk. The sun was out (a big treat in Seattle) and made the water sparkle. He gave me a hug at the end of the boardwalk and I felt his heart pounding. He then asked me to share life together forever. Strangers on the sand below started cheering for us and then one of our best friends popped out of the bushes (she had been taking secret photos of it all). We took a ferry back into the city just as the sun was setting. When we got back to our apartment he had all our friends and family ready with champagne on our rooftop. It was bliss.

I also wanted to propose to Brennon. It was important for me to ask him to share life forever as well. So one night I screamed as if I was hurt in our bathroom—he burst in to find me on my knee with candles lit on every surface in our bathroom. He was so confused until he saw his ring and we both cried and celebrated choosing each other all over again.


How did you know your partner was the one?

Austen: I knew Brennon was the one for me when he showed his desire to join me in my deepest self. He wasn’t afraid to know me, all of me—we grieve together, live vibrantly together, and dream together. I knew he was the one because he has capacity to hold me. He is such a beautiful soul— no one else could love me like he so stunningly does, with all his patience and compassion. He makes me better. I felt grounded by his presence and felt free to be me.

Brennon: For me, it was all about realizing that Austen had what I did not; she brought truths and perspective to my life that I had no chance of ever obtaining on my own. Another thing was her ability and willingness to love me and believe in me, despite my imperfections and insufficiencies. I had grown up with a deep need for receiving accolades and achievement-based praise, and I found that Austen wasn’t only loving me during the moments in which I was shining, but that she also was able to carry me and love me when I was swirling and flailing. Many people in my life had only seen me for who I was to them…they would only see me for what I was doing or shallowly achieving. Austen saw me for who I truly am, who I have been, and who I might become, and she was brave enough to speak it out, in our relationship. We came into our engagement as two, very independent, self-sufficient people, because of our childhoods and pasts. Our decision to be together was made out of a desire to CHOOSE each other, every day, over and over again. That “knowing” was not a one-time occurrence, but rather a seed that was planted early on, watered and cared for through vulnerability and honesty, and now grows, every day. I know more and more, every day, that Austen is the one for me.


What do you love most about your partner?

Austen: I love that Brennon is brave in the face of what he authentically feels not just for me but for his family and his friends. He is a fierce advocate and partner for the ones he loves. I love that he is a total goof but still maintains to be the sexiest man alive. He’s just brilliant.

Brennon: I mean, the first thing that drew me to her was her absolutely stunning beauty. She was the most captivating woman I think I’d ever seen, and I still don’t know how we ended up together. Ha! She is also the most beautiful soul I know and I really admire her inner strength. She exemplifies what it means to advocate for others, empathize, and fight for those you love.


What was your favourite part of the wedding day? 

Our favorite part of our wedding was getting up onstage alongside my family band (my mom, dad, uncles, cousins and siblings) and sang “He’s so fine” by the Chiffons to my babe of a husband! We both are musicians, he jumped on the drums and I grabbed a mic and all our family and friends crowded the stage to dance and cheer us on—it felt so natural to play together and celebrate our love through music.


Describe your wedding theme/style.

Our wedding theme was thoroughly curated by both of us to be a celebration of presence, ritual, hospitality. We chose to have our ceremony in the round so our guests could be involved in the intimacy of the moment as much as possible. We also had an amazing group of friends and family that made the wedding such a hospitable experience. Our caterers, Homegrown was able to offer our guests organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and kids meal options. We also offered a kids zone with babysitters so parents could cut lose if they wanted. We had a delicious espresso cart and the most amazing cocktail camper with handcrafted cocktails—The Billie Holiday (a lavender old fashion) and the Duke Ellington (gin and elderflower cocktail). Everyone had a vintage glass goblet in their hand filled with something delicious.

My family is full of italian artists. Having them perform live music of all the oldies I grew up listening to was such a special part of our wedding. There were picnic blankets, vintage couches, and Moroccan rugs situated on the lawn in front of the stage so you could sip your cocktail and lounge or get up and dance to your favorited 1950’s classic tune.

Our venue was a lovely garden scene with lots of different gardens “rooms” to curate. We utilized the space to be fluid and soothing. There was a beautiful calming pond where we took our first look photos in a canoe, amidst the lily pads. There was a large stage where we set up the band and the garden lounge. We also had a dancing area under a wooded canopy next to a bonfire stocked with all the gourmet s’more goodies. We ate dinner in a stunning green house. My mom hand dyed recycled paper to make strings of paper flowers falling from the ceiling of the green house to just above the tables where guests felt like they were in a secret garden. Our style was centered around a gold, gypsy, billowy, relaxed, italian, jazzy vibe.


What is marriage to you?

Marriage to us is holding each other through all that life brings us, choosing each other and returning to each other again and again. We are wild, beautiful, and messy humans. Marriage is a space of refuge, of knowing that your partner is on your team no matter what. Both of us feel completely at home with the other. We miss each other when we go to work. We love dreaming of the future together with our french bulldog louie in our laps. Marriage is bettering oneself because you know the other person deserves the best of you. But marriage is also about coming home to your partner at your worst, and still loving, and receiving love. Marriage is about fighting well—not pushing shit under the rug but facing the mystery of being in union with another soul.


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