Guilia + Michele


“Marriage for me doesn’t mean I found the right men of my life. Marriage for me is finding him every day, affirming each other every morning that we are the perfect one for that moment on that specific time of that day. I didn’t say yes because I think he was the one, I said Yes because I think he can be the one every day of my life.”

Set amongst the salty breeze in the beautiful town Tonnara di Scopello, Italy, Guilia and Michele wed in a angelic Catholic ceremony with a shabby chic twist. Rose and beige tuff cliffs lined the streets creating a natural shabby chic element while oleander bushes and prickly pear plants splashed soft pops of colour, all surrounded by a bright turquoise sea.  Carefully thought out bonbonnieres, thank you cards and guest books were just a few little touches that complimented this unique wedding bliss that left Guilia and Michele on an open doorstep ready to make a million more memories together as husband and wife. Read more below from the bride herself on how this magical day was never to be forgotten.

What were your first thoughts when you saw your partner on your wedding day?

“Thanks to our photographer suggestion we decided to do a First Look shooting … and it was breathtaking. No other guests around. He was waiting for me on a terrace in front of the sea and when I saw him I actually felt naked in my wedding dress. I was feeling very vulnerable in front of him, and it was a very uncommon sensation after 7 years together. The level of intimacy of that moment for me is comparable only to our first kiss.

After he saw me and he smiled to me, I realized that the day we were waiting for the last year it was arrived, and I was thrilled to live every second of it.”

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

“all our 50 guests surprised us with a flash mob dance. In the middle of the dinner the DJ played “Say a little pray for you” and they started to dance over an amazing choreography, dancing along with our parents and relatives. It was incredible to see people who don’t even know each other, doing the same moves. We didn’t expect this at all and we ended up dancing all together.”

What unique traditions did you create to make it your own?

” Guest Book: Instead of the traditional guestbook we created a corner with multiple travel guides and invited our guests to open them randomly and write comments for us. They could write on a map or on the sea or close to the destination they preferred most. All those travel guides were about our future planned trips. As we travel in those places we will find memories of our wedding.

Thanks Cards: Instead of sending out a pic of us, we thought that there was no better card than an authentic post cards from Scopello. We put more than 60 postcards in a box with their stamps. We asked our guests to fill them with their addresses. During our honeymoon we wrote a personal message in each postcards and we shipped all the postcards to their places.

Bonbonniere: We wanted our guests to co-create with us their own gifts. Moreover, we wanted them to bring back home some memories of our day. This is how the idea of the “memory bag” came to life. We provided them with a jute bag and asked them to stow the memories of our wedding in it: on an old sideboard we displayed small containers with various local herbs, sea salt, sand & confetti. We let them pack their own bag, with the number and type of boxes they were willing to take.”


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